Samba Energy is a national provider of software and services for clean energy and commercial building energy efficiency.

    Samba’s SunSpotter software is a web-based platform for enterprises to analyze large numbers of commercial properties for return on investment in clean energy and efficiency. Samba Energy is based in New York City.

The Team

Chairman: Jack D. Hidary

Samba Energy is led by Jack D. Hidary, a noted expert in renewable energy and clean technologies. Hidary sits on the board of the National Renewable Energy Lab and his work has recently been featured in Thomas Friedman’s new book Hot Flat, and Crowded. Committed to community and philanthropic causes, Hidary has received several industry and community awards as well as being recognized as a Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, Davos. Hidary is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Managing Director: Michael Hidary

Michael Hidary is a fervent advocate of conservation and clean energy. His passion for reducing solar costs and educating people on green energy has resulted in accelerating solar adoption throughout the U.S. Michael’s management experience and belief in exceeding customer’s expectations has helped turn Samba Energy into an industry leader in solar installations.

Regional Sales Director: Andrew Chabot

Andrew Chabot brings his interest in solar energy, green technology, and experience in customer service to Samba Energy. He is tireless in his evaluation of renewable energy alternatives to meet any customer requirements in order to provide cost-effective solutions that minimize the impact on the environment. He continues to enhance his knowledge-base to provide the best array of customer solutions.

Regional Sales Director: Elliott Jones

Elliott Jones comes to Samba Energy from Merrill Lynch, bringing his understanding of relationship management and business development to the world of renewable technology. Elliott uses his knowledge in finance and lending to help consumers apply green technology to their daily lives. He continues to expand and streamline our suite of offerings, providing all-encompassing solutions for our clients.

Director of Energy Efficiency: Felipe Zarate

Felipe manages Samba’s energy efficiency solutions division across industrial, commercial, and institutional client verticals. Samba’s energy solutions portfolio supports client’s objectives in reducing emissions, improving environmental performance, and driving sustainability. Felipe brings more than 15 years of experience in the environmental, energy, and carbon markets across the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Senior Consultant of Energy Efficiency: Leonardo Karrer

Leonardo Karrer is in charge of project management for Samba’s Energy Efficiency practice; his skills help our clients define strategies for long-term business viability and operations sustainability, set internal policies and goals, and improve environmental performances. Leonardo developed over 8 years of experience in environmental and energy advisory, working in US, China, and Europe. He has previously been part of PwC Consulting and the European Commission among others.

Sustainability Manager: Paulina Marinkovic

Paulina brings to Samba Energy her knowledge on Environmental Management from Harvard University and experience and expertise in marketing, communications and sales. Her passion for renewable energy and dedication to solar alternative solutions coupled with her LEED GA accreditation and customer service skills provide clients with cost-effective energy solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Lead Software Engineer: Barak Neeman

Barak Neeman is responsible for the digital tools that help Samba Energy and its partners reach a larger audience. Tele-commuting from the base of the Escazu Acute; mountains in Costa Rica, Barak is relative new-comer to renewable energy but a veteran of software development with over fourteen years of experience writing software for aviation, education, and telecommunications, and a lifelong enthusiast of species and resource conservation.

Regional Clean Energy Director/Director of Employment: Andrew Freedman

Andrew Freedman brings his endless enthusiasm for alternative and sustainable energy to Samba Energy. His knowledge within the sector, and customer relations skills, provide perspective clients with genuine, financially beneficial advice and information, maximizing profits across the board. As Director of Samba’s Employment Division, Samba Jobs, he has utilized his personal experiences, along with passion to expand the field, in order to help others achieve their dream careers.