How to Decide if Solar Power Is Right For Your Home

From advanced technologies to falling installation costs, and a massive federal tax credit at 2016's close, deciding if solar panels for business or home properties is right, is now a no-brainer. It pays off to hire the best local solar installers in NJ and choose residential solar panels for boosting the value of any property apart, from meeting its energy needs in a cost-effective manner. Commercial solar panel experts can help you gain access to this source of energy which is light on your wallet and the ecology.

Solar power also called PV or photovoltaic made its way into homes and offices as early as the 50s. Now, with advances in technology, solar power has become an attractive proposition in more ways than one. If you are looking to discern if solar power is the right choice for your home, here’s what you need to consider before taking the plunge.


#1 Optimal Orientation

Solar panels are modules comprising cells. This is the kind seen on solar-powered calculators and cells. A racking system attaches the panels to the rooftop. Installations involve orienting the rack to ensure that most direct sunlight is received. If a house roof lacks a proper orientation, modules can be placed in a yard through base mounted systems. So, check your home to assess the angle at which the panels need to be mounted.

#2 Get an Estimate

Ensure that you choose a reliable installer and check the estimate. Check if your energy needs can be met through solar power. For this, you need to perform an energy audit. The amount of power the system will produce is based on annual statistics such as the weather in the region, the roof's angle, ordinal orientation, and size of the system.

#3 Work Out the Bill, Check Out The Roof 

You need to figure out your bill based on an in-depth understanding of how solar energy works. Purchasing and adding solar arrays requires the services of a top installation company. This may be an upfront investment, but it can be financially advantageous in the long run. Panels have a warranty of around two and a half decades and an inverter can last up to 30 years. Check if your roof is in optimal condition to receive such a long term addition. 

#4 A Proven Technology

Home owners should feel comfortable with solar energy. There is no reason why they should not. Solar power technology is affordable, reliable and a clean energy source. Towards coming decades, millions of homes across the US have taken on solar power. Check if solar subsidies are available in your state and sunny conditions prevail across a major portion of the year. Solar energy is cost effective given the rising price of electricity. Solar power can save you valuable money and guarantee peace of mind. 

#5 Wide Open Spaces Needed

A typical 4 to 5 kW solar installation requires panels to be 270 square eeft. This means the installation should be around 10 feet by 27 feet! Such dimensions necessitate the need for the significant amount of open spaces. If you feel that solar energy could be right for you, make sure you construct adequate space for it. As solar power grows, there are an equal number of various options for the consumer.  The square footage dimensions of your home’s roof are an important determinant of which solar panel system can be installed.

#6 Usable Sunlight

The sunlight seen in a single day is the basis on which you decide whether solar power could work for you. A number of usable daylight hours vary between cities and states. For example, one of the sunniest parts of the US is Redwood CA where 1,830 hours of usable sunlight are found in a year.

#7 Energy Usage

Another important consideration is how much does your household or business need? Homes in cooler climes need more heating. On an average, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the annual consumption is 10812 kW hours. Use your monthly bill to check the average energy usage needs and act accordingly.

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